Welcome to the World of VOLDAM Innovative European Design Exhaust Fans & False Ceiling Fans.


Voldam Electricals Ltd. is one of the World's leading residential and commercial ventilation products manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Voldam leads the way with innovative technologies and style to ensure the air we breathe is clean, fresh & healthy.

Voldam has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of ventilation products for many years and focused on improving people's lives through meaning full innovation in the areas of ventilation and air circulation products.

Voldam has earned an enviable reputation in the World and today Voldam products are recognized as the architects, interior designers, electrical engineers & consultants choice based on the ease of installation, reliability, Quality and competitive price.

Voldam products include Energy Saving False Ceiling Fan, Decorative Ceiling Fans and vast range of residential & commercial exhaust fans, heat recovery unit,  ventilation kits & accessories. 

All Voldam products are built under ISO 9001 Quality Control System. At each step, factory use outstanding materials to deliver the highest standard of exceptional quality, safety and performance.


VOLDAM is proud to be the first inventor in the WORLD of this 18" new & innovative range of Decorative Energy Saving False Ceiling Fan with 7 color options to match with your interior. VOLDAM ceiling fan technology can help you realize up to a 60% energy reduction. Additional benefits of installing VOLDAM false ceiling fan can add improvements in health and a more productive work environment.

VOLDAM guiding philosophy merges innovative technology with the natural world to create harmonious design that beautifully enhance human habitation and activity. VOLDAM mission is to provide consumers with simple, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing quality products at affordable prices. Inspired by the physics and beauty of architects work, VOLDAM combines contemporary innovative European design with the precision of intelligent engineering to create a completely different class of ECO-efficient hi-speed decorative energy saving false ceiling fans. 

VOLDAM fans are engineered to silently deliver very comfortable living and working environments for the home and office. Truly Splendid in all aspects. The design, color options and quality finishes will exceed your highest aesthetic demands.
Voldam decorative false ceiling fan maroon redish color Voldam decorative false ceiling fan beige color Voldam decorative false ceiling fan offwhite color Voldam decorative false ceiling fan white color Voldam decorative false ceiling fan grey color Voldam decorative false ceiling fan white color Voldam decorative false ceiling fan nut brown color
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