Voldam False Ceiling Fans

The largest variety of False Ceiling Fans

About Voldam False Ceiling Fans:

Voldam is proud to be the 1st inventor in the World today invented and introduced 14″ 2×2 Super Slim Energy Saving False Ceiling Fan, 18″ 2×2 Hi-Speed False Ceiling Fan and the most popular Innovative European Design Decorative False Ceiling Fans with 7 Color options to / match with your interior.

Voldam technology can help you realize up to 60% energy reduction. Additional benefits of installing Voldam False Ceiling Fans add improvements in health and a more productive work environment.

As a market leading brand in False Ceiling Fans, Voldam has earned a well deserved reputation for it’s superior quality products. Today our products are recognized by architects, interior designers, electrical engineers & consultants choice based on the ease of installation, reliability, quality and competitive price.
Company’s mission is to provide consumers with simple, highly functional, and pleasing quality products at affordable prices. The design, color options and quality finishes will exceed your highest aesthetic demands. We don’t compromise over quality and standards.
All Voldam products are built under ISO 9001 Quality Control System. At each step, factory use outstanding materials to deliver the highest standard of exceptional quality, safety and performance. Discover a variety of innovative options for improving your home, office indoor air quality.
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